Technology & Trade

Disruptive digitization

How is technological change transforming the landscape of global trade? 

Changing trends in technology, digitization, and the shift to a digital economy are redefining global trade patterns. The impact of technologies like blockchain, automation, AI and 3-D printing are reshaping globalization and rapidly modifying global and regional supply chains. The digital economy will not just revolutionise the way companies do business today, but will create new opportunities for inclusive growth.

As technological change transforms the landscape of global trade, who stands to benefit? Harnessing technological improvements and connectivity to ensure inclusive growth in the digital world is a key task for both policymakers as well as international business. E-commerce, blockchain, mobile payments and other technological innovations must not serve as a ‘winner takes all’ for advanced economies.  

Technology & Trade

How will technology affect global trade in the future?  Watch business experts and policy makers discuss

Understanding Chokepoints

Intra-regional trade is introducing new exposures and choke points as a result of increased volumes, changing geopolitics and technologies