A trade credit product which combines ‘ground-up’ cover with non-cancellable credit limits.

What is AIG Trade+ ?

Trade+ trade credit insurance combines ground up cover with non-cancellable limits. Delivering credit limit certainty, minimising policy administration and speeding up the claims process, it also offers tremendous opportunities to insurance brokers.

Ground up

For those companies not willing, or able, to take a Risk Share on their trade credit insurance, “ground up cover” is an ideal solution.


Traditionally, ground up cover is only available with cancellable credit limits, so underwriters can remove cover at any time during the Policy period

5 good reasons to consider Trade+

Credit limit certainty

With Trade+, credit limits are calculated for each buyer using either real time payment data from the policyholder’s accounting software or by an AIG underwriter. This means Trade+ can deliver rapid and consistent credit limits that match policyholders’ requirements.

Simplified administration

It is common practice for trade credit insurers to require policyholders to complete a monthly return of overdue accounts. Trade+ does this automatically, on a real-time ongoing basis, saving policyholders time and providing them with the latest up-to-date buyer information.

Discretionary limits

Trade+ means less work for policyholders. They don’t have to do any of their buyer analysis themselves to set discretionary limits, so when there’s a claim they don’t have to justify any of their buyers’ credit limits, it is already done it for them.

Policy management

The system also highlights which accounts should be placed on stop helping ensure policy compliance. Trade+ includes debtor profiling, automatic reporting, automatic alerts and pre-populated claims forms; all of which are designed to reduce the time policyholders spend managing their policy.

Easy set-up

Trade+ is easily set up with a simple uploaded excel file of the policyholder’s Accounts Receivables data. There are no additional up-front payments as the platform costs are included in the insurance premium.

  • Visit the AIG TradEnable Xtra site
  • Upload invoice data via online portal
  • Trade+ user’s debtors matched to DUNS, trading experience analysed and limits calculated
  • View the recommended credit limits for your buyers

Who is it for?

Trade+ is designed for medium range businesses across multiple sectors.

Medium sized businesses

Trade+ is designed for businesses with an annual turnover between £10m and £150m.

Uploading Data to Trade+ is easy

Policyholders simply need to create an excel file of invoice data, map it to our TradEnable Xtra portal to get your personal credit management tool.

Geographical customer base

Trade+ clients will predominately sell from the UK to export markets (other markets can be considered).

Features & Benefits

  • Trade+ provides credit limits that are non-cancellable for 12 months. Welcome news for businesses who may be disillusioned with Trade Credit insurance when some insurers withdraw credit limits in an economic downturn.
  • All Trade+ credit limits are calculated automatically or set by an AIG underwriter, relieving the policyholder of responsibility for setting discretionary limits and the customer analysis this involves.
  • The Trade+ system uses uploaded invoice data. There are no platform charges as all the costs are covered by the insurance premiums.
  • Trade+ simplifies administration. Overdue account reporting is done automatically by Trade+ reducing administration of the policy and ensuring compliance with policy terms and conditions.
  • Trade+ simplifies the claims process. All limits are agreed by AIG so policyholders do not have to justify any credit limits when there is a claim, which can sometimes slow down the process, and claims forms are automatically prepopulated by the system.