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Lifeline Plus Group Personal Accident & Travel

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Lifeline Plus protects a business' people after serious work related injuries and against a host of travel emergencies while they’re away on business. The global cover and services we provide, designed to keep employees informed and as safe as possible, continue to get wider and stronger in order to meet evolving risks.

What's new?

Better protected

NEW - Crisis Plus Extension

Bridging the gap between traditional Group Personal Accident & Business Travel policies and specialist Kidnap and Ransom insurance, Lifeline Plus now offers optional enhanced crisis protection in one accessible policy.

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Safer when travelling

NEW - Travel App Check-In Tool

Designed to help employers satisfy their duty of care obligations, our latest Travel Assistance App enhancement lets employees notify contacts when they've arrived safely.

We’ve also added a new online claims notification tool.

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Smoother customer journeys

NEW - Lifeline Plus HR Manager Hub

The challenges of bedding down a new Group Personal Accident and Business Travel policy can be a barrier to businesses switching carriers. Our one-stop resource hub makes the process of switching their policy just that little bit easier.

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How can we help clients when travelling or at home?

Watch this short video for an introduction to the cover, assistance and tools Lifeline Plus provides clients.

Through our Travel Assistance Website employees can access in-depth travel, health and security information - www.MyLifeline.co.uk

What if I run into trouble while travelling?

Your people are in safe hands even if their trip takes a turn for the worst. Whether that’s support on the ground, medical help or evacuation to get out quickly, we provide the essential expertise and crisis response capabilities (see our Crisis Plus extension upgrade). And our concierge claims service aims to pay baggage and money claims in under 15 minutes over the phone.

How quickly can claims be paid?

Our claims teams handle thousands of injury payments a year – for everything from temporary to life changing conditions. We’ll confirm cover and settlement as quickly as possible. Once confirmed, we will start to make payments within 24 hours by either bank transfer or cheque to help the business’s people back on the road to recovery as soon as we can.

What assistance is available?

Our global assistance company, AIG Travel, provides a wealth of services to help keep travelling employees comfortable, informed and safe wherever they’re going. Whether that’s concierge services, help in locating lost luggage or travel security training in preparation for an upcoming trip - we’re on hand 24/7 to help.

Additional tools and benefits

We’re always looking to improve. Our Travel Assistance app now includes a check-in feature to notify selected contacts that they’ve arrived safely plus a claim notification tool. Our Virtual Medical Care service provides employees (and their immediate families) with GP Consultations and Expert Case Management should they need it. We can even help clients protect their reputation in the event of a crisis or bad publicity.

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