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Contaminated Products and Recall

Does your product liability insurance cover the real costs of a product recall?  

Product recalls present real threats to retailers and manufacturers:  loss of sales, customer confidence, hard-won retail shelf space, and supply contracts.

Skilful handling of a recall can minimise damage demonstrating reliability and professionalism to wholesale and retail connections.  

Contaminated Products insurance

Is for manufacturers, retailers & distributors of topical or ingestible products: food, drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals & tobacco.

Defective Products insurance

Is for manufacturers, retailers and distributors of finished consumer products.

Contaminated Products

Covers losses arising from

Accidental or unintentional contamination, impairment or mislabelling resulting from any stage from production to sale that could result in harm to users within 120 days of contact

Actual, alleged or threatened, intentional tampering with the product to make it harmful

Threats to tamper with a product in order to extort money

Policy covers

Recall costs

Business interruption (lost gross profit)

Rehabilitation costs

Consultancy costs

Adverse publicity (optional)

Who is it for?

Food, drink, tobacco, cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies.

Defective Products

Covers losses arising from

Accidental omission, introduction or substitution of components or substances

Errors occurring in any stage from design, through to labelling and storage

Intentional damage that could cause the product the product to be harmful

Policy covers

The policy covers costs to inspect, withdraw, or destroy the product incurred within 12 months after the recall, including:

Communication (radio, TV, Internet, ads…)

Shipping from purchaser, distributor or user

Overtime and additional personnel costs

Storage costs and cost of disposal


Independent Security, PR or Recall Consultants

Who is it for?

Manufacturers of a wide range of finished goods.

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