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Claims First.

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D&O protection for private companies, partnerships & not for profit organisations.


Optional covers for Employment Practices Liability, Crime & Pension Trustee &  Employee Benefits Liability.

PrivateEdge, our Directors & Officers liability (D&O) package provides extensive protection for a wide range of risks that individual directors and officers face in businesses of all sizes. It also protects the business itself.
New optional modules allow PrivateEdge to be tailored to the needs of individual clients including a strategic crisis response consultancy for director, Employment Practices Liability, Pension Trustee Liability and Employee Benefits Liability and Crime.

A D&O claim can be a daunting experience for clients, but with AIG no matter what kind of D&O claim you face our highly experienced claims team will have seen something like it before.   PrivateEdge policyholders are also entitled to complimentary legal advice from 3 of the UK’s top legal firms.

New optional modules allow PrivateEdge to be tailored to the needs of individual clients. Optional modules include: Security Response, Employment Practices Liability, Pension Trustee & Employee Benefits Liability and Crime.


Who is it for?

Privately Owned Companies in all sectors with turnovers up to £250m, all types of partnerships and not-for-profit organisations.

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Cover for Individuals

Extensive protection for individual directors if they’re sued, investigated, threatened or prosecuted because of their management of a company.

Protection for individual directors if they’re sued, investigated, threatened or prosecuted because of their management of a company.

Investigations and Prosecutions - Cover for costs of representing, coaching and preparing individual directors for any investigations and prosecutions by regulators or trade associations.

Damages and Settlements - Cover for director’s damages and settlements eg damages awarded against a director to creditors after insolvency or a director’s liabilities for corporate tax.

Disqualification and Extradition - Cover for directors’ legal and expert costs to defend themselves against any actions to disqualify or to extradite them.

Confiscation and Assets  - Covers costs of fighting proceedings to confiscate a director’s property or to freeze their assets. (Includes school fees, mortgage and utility payments.)

Retired Directors - Cover for retired directors for actual or alleged wrongful acts against  them whilst acting as directors, even if their successors do not maintain D&O cover.

Cover for Companies

Protection for the company itself. Reimbursing costs for defending its directors and covering the company’s costs to defend itself.

Protection for the company itself. Reimbursing costs for defending its directors and covering the company’s costs to defend itself.

Health and Safety - “End-to-End” health and safety cover for the company to fund its preparation, representation and defence at HSE prosecutions and investigations.  New PrivateEdge even covers the HSE’s “fees for intervention”.

Legal Actions Against the Company - Cover for the company’s expert and legal costs to defend any claim seeking fines or penalties, e.g. from regulators, as well as specific management liability claims for injury, property damage and pollution.

Breaches of Contract - Cover for the company’s costs of defending breaches of contract claims – written or oral such as claims from customers or suppliers.

Reputational Damage  - Covers PR costs to minimise reputational damage to the company after any negative publicity following any claim on the policy or after a crisis event such as loss of intellectual property or conviction of a director.

Optional Covers

Security Response

Designed as an integral part of client strategies to protect their people, property, brand and reputation providing 24/7 access to expert security consultants who will provide advice before or immediately after any threat or crisis.

Employment Practices Liability

Covers damages, settlements and defence costs for employment practice violations against employees, visitors, customers and suppliers.  Also covers costs of employment investigations (eg equal opportunities).

Pension Trustee and Employee Benefit Plan Liability

Covers liabilities for pension trustees and individuals administering any company employee benefit or welfare plan.  Includes emergency defence costs providing to enable an immediate response to the regulator, even if they can’t contact us first.


Covers the client’s balance sheet against fraudulent or dishonest activities by employees or outside third parties (including collusion).  Cover includes the costs of specialist pre-investigative services to help clients establish and quantify their loss.

Credit Management Tool

New PrivateEdge policyholders are entitled to a free credit management system.  The system displays the amounts and the age of debt, so clients can see trends, receive auto alerts for past due payments, see where they are “over trading” and also where there is headroom to trade more.

Expert Legal Advice

All PrivateEdge policyholders are entitled to complimentary legal advice from 3 of the UK’s top legal firms. With a 24 telephone hotline followed by scheduled call-back with a specialist lawyer, clients have access to expert advice on any issues they feel might potentially lead to a claim under the policy.

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HR Library

The legal helpline is backed up by a comprehensive library on the new PrivateEdge website of guides and templates on a wealth of HR and Health and Safety issues identified as being most valuable to businesses and regular bulletins on topical and emerging issues.  

What's Inside PrivateEdge

What's inside will help you understand the cover and services included in a PrivateEdge policy.

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AIG has one of the industry’s most experienced D&O claims teams handling thousands of D&O claims every year. This means clients will have tried and tested experience in their corner when they need it.

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D&O Claims Trends and Undercurrents in the UK SME Market

Few people have a clearer perspective on the emergence and development of D&O claims than those who actually handle them. This insight is drawn from the experiences of our D&O claims adjusters.

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Claims First

See our Value Proposition for Financial Lines Claims 

Why choose PrivateEdge from AIG?

Not just directors

It’s not just directors that get drawn into D&O actions, claims can include others such as “de facto” directors, managers and supervisors. To be safe we cover all kinds of directors and all company employees in PrivateEdge as well as spouses, partners and heirs.

Huge sums

Claimants can take a “scattergun approach” claiming huge initial sums (e.g. six or seven figures) from an array of individuals. This can be a shock to the managers and supervisors involved. We’re used to these tactics and fund an expert defence for clients that otherwise may not have been affordable.

Terrifying environments

The first time in a courtroom and hearing one’s rights read can be a very intimidating experience. This is why we make sure that clients are thoroughly prepared, e.g. mock interviews to help directors rehearse the most important points in their defence and prepare them for tough questioning.

Unfounded allegations

False and even malicious accusations against our clients have to be vigorously defended and they can be intensely stressful and time consuming for the individuals involved. We know many find it to be a great reassurance knowing they have the biggest and the best in their corner fighting for them.

Tread carefully

Being a great director isn’t the same as being a good defendant. Many are strong-willed individuals who want to proactively lead situations, but in an “inquisitorial” environment they must tread carefully with expert guidance, particularly when facing difficult allegations by skilled investigators or prosecutors - which is funded by new PrivateEdge.

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