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Pollution Legal Liability 

Covers the provisions of the Environmental Damage Regulation 2009.

Environmental liabilities present a growing risk to businesses. Heightened levels of public awareness and developing environmental regulation have made businesses more responsible for environmental damage, pre-existing or new. The Pollution Legal Liability (PLL) policy enables companies to protect against costs of clean-up, bodily injury and third-party property damage, by providing an insurance policy  allowing the insured to design a programme suitable for their pollution insurance needs.

Product Details

The PLL Select policy is designed to be tailored to a specific business. The policy covers the provisions of the Environmental Damage Regulation 2009, including liability for damage to biodiversity and other new requirements such as complementary and compensatory remediation resulting from the covered operations. This policy is particularly valuable in property or company transactions or other situations where pre-existing pollution liabilities might arise. 

Pollution Legal Liability Select


Clean-Up Costs

Biodiversity Damage

Business interruption expense

Third party bodily injury and property damage

Legal costs

Third Party Nuisance Claims


Who is it for?

Businesses with operational processes eg manufacturers, power producers, printers, metal fabricators, warehouses, haulage, textiles, retailers, food processors, schools, colleges, medical centres, hotels. Also businesses with no operational processes, particularly landowners and property management companies, with possible exposures to tenants, neighbours and from the site’s historical activities.

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Features & Benefits 

Day-to-day and historical pollution

Our PLL policy can address unknown historical pollution caused before the policy commenced. The UK has over 200 years of industrial history and the environment agency estimates there are over 325,000 historically contaminated sites in England and Wales, if your business is occupying the old industrial land today, the liability could pass to you if the original polluters cannot be found.

Environmental Damage Regulation 2009 (EDR)

Our PLL provides cover for provisions of the EDR including ‘biodiversity’, complementary and compensatory remediation, defence and mitigation costs.

Sudden and accidental and gradual pollution

Our environmental policies do not distinguish between sudden & accidental and gradual pollution

Changing legal environment

Policies cover changes in legislation to keep up with rapidly evolving legislation

One environmental coverage

For complex risks and to meet contractual requirements, AIG takes a flexible approach to ensure the client’s needs are met.

Non pollution environmental damage

Cover may extend beyond pollution to cover other types of environmental damage, even if pollution is not the cause.

Insured properties

Can accommodate site specific or portfolio

Worldwide Capabilities

Access to local Environmental underwriting expertise and the ability to  underwrite in local language

Flexible solutions

Solutions from traditional to high deductible to captives and beyond

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