Wind Power: Mitigating the environmental risks

While the climate case for renewables is undeniable and the economic case is becoming increasingly compelling, clean energy does present some threats to the environment that need to be navigated.

Environmental Insurance

Environmental liabilities present a growing risk to businesses due to heightened levels of public awareness and developing environmental regulation. AIG has been developing innovative environmental insurance programs for over 10 years. Our products demonstrate our commitment to addressing our clients’ changing market needs.

Manufacturers, distributors, fixed facility owners, and related organisations can secure versatile pollution insurance programs that focus on helping to mitigate risk in an evolving legal landscape. Our dedicated pollution claims unit is the largest in the industry.

Provides comprehensive protection for contractors, site owners and developers against pollution releases, whether sudden & accidental or gradual, caused by new pollution conditions or the exacerbation of existing pollution conditions. Coverage is available worldwide and can be tailored to meet individual needs. It may be an owner controlled program or held directly by the contractor.

Enviropro UK covers liabilities under Environmental Law including damage to water, land, protected species and natural habitats, including primary, complementary and compensatory remediation. The 2009 EDR introduced liability for compensating for damage to protected species and habitats.

Covers the provisions of the Environmental Damage Regulation (EDR) 2009, including liability for damage to biodiversity and other new requirements such as complementary and compensatory remediation resulting from the covered operations. This policy is particularly valuable in property or company transactions or other situations where pre-existing pollution liabilities might arise.

PIER Europe

Unmatched pollution incident and environmental response network delivering reliable and specialised support when businesses need it most.

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How to report a pollution incident to PIER Europe

Call the PIER Europe hotline +44 (0)1273 400965 available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, provide your contact information and a brief description of the incident. Report your claim as detailed in your policy.

AIG will then contact you, discuss the details of your incident and recommend PIER Europe’s most appropriate response team in your area – specific to your incident and needs. We will remain available to support you and adjust your claim.