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Space & Satellite

In this highly technical specialist class, AIG is one of the most respected participants in the market. Our success has been built upon a wealth of experience and engineering based underwriting backed up by market leading capacity. 

Our strong technical expertise comes from our understanding of the technical side of the manufacturing process and that enables us to deliver in this highly technical specialist class.

We lead the market with our liability cover, and we are one of few insurers in the market who are able to offer launch plus 3 year and launch plus 5 year policies, up to two years prior to launch.

Our cover is individually designed for each satellite.

Who is this for?

Satellite manufacturers, owners and operators and launch vehicle providers. 

Space & Satellite Cover

Satellite Launch Vehicle Flight Risk

Satellite Launch Plus 1 Year In-Orbit

Satellite Launch Plus up to 10 Years In-Orbit

Launch Re-Launch Guarantee

Satellite Post-Separation Risk

Satellite In-Orbit Only

Space Third Party Liability

High capacity

We have the global capacity to meet the needs of satellite manufacturers, owners and operators, as well as those of the launch vehicle providers. 

Additional services

We have access to an exclusive technical consultancy and legal advice to enhance our own expertise. 

Claims First

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