Corporate Catastrophe Cover

An insurance policy the business can purchase to bridge the gap and top up the amount over and beyond the life insurance company’s limit.

Company pension funds are designed to provide employees’ dependents with death-in-service benefits as they occur, either naturally or as a result of an accident. What they may not be able to do is accommodate the situation where a major event or natural catastrophe impacts a large number of employees in a single incident.

With many pension pay-outs required at the same, there might simply not be enough in the fund to go around and employees’ families relying on the money could receive far less than anticipated. What’s more, the capital required to provide for employees’ dependents until they die could increase this amount by around 10 times. 

Many companies now have their death in service cover limited, because pension providers recognise that a catastrophe may occur. As a result, many pension funds may now have inadequate cover and could face a multi-million pound exposure to fund pensions benefits – with pension fund trustees and brokers being held accountable for not maintaining sufficient protection. 

In cases like this, the employer could need to step in and cover the financial difference, a move which could result in a major strain on the company’s viability.  

Who is this for?

Larger UK businesses in all sectors. 


Corporate Catastrophe Cover benefits the employing company in the event of a major event or catastrophe by;

  • Providing cover above and beyond life insurance companies’ limits
  • Ensuring your employees’ dependents get the payouts they expect
  • Protecting companies from unexpected major financial pressure
  • Protecting pension fund trustees from personal exposure that might result from legal actions