AIG at Airmic Conference 2021

Navigating today's complex risk landscape requires technical expertise & foresight. AIG’s solutions are informed by detailed strategic analysis, proprietary claims data & perspectives forged from deep experience. At Airmic Conference 2021, learn how AIG partners with clients to better understand & manage risk.

AIG Academy on Demand

Throughout the AIG Academy programme, some of our leaders - all experts in their respective fields - examine a wide range of aspects within their own areas of business, including claims trends. Designed to provide wider contexts for insurance professionals, these sessions have been made available to view.

Insurance Solutions

We work with our multinational clients to help predict, plan and navigate a complex world, and achieve their objectives around risk, governance, duty of care and contract certainty. 


AIG’s exclusive partnership with Wellspace uses innovative technology and data insights to help manage Casualty exposures.

AIG Speakers

Peta Kilian

Senior Strategy and Innovation Analyst, Talbot

Tuesday 5th October

2:00 – 3:00pm: Airmic Seminar | S1. ‘The future of the insurance market – a new reality?’ 

Panellists include:

Peta Kilian - Senior Strategy and Innovation Analyst, Talbot

We face an unfamiliar and rapidly evolving insurance landscape. Many digital disruptors now use algorithms to settle claims in seconds and regulators have toughened up oversight. At a macro level, rapid changes to our weather, lifestyles, societies and political systems have overturned old certainties. The UK insurance industry stands on the precipice of profound change. Demanding customers, new competitors, a changing set of challenges and the ongoing issues following Brexit are transforming the landscape. Is London still and is it likely to remain the centre of the insurance eco-system?

This seminar will consider the profile, risks and opportunities of market change, what the customer wants, and what the market is able and willing to provide.

Anthony Baldwin


Wednesday 6th October

8:00 – 9:00am: Partner Breakfast Seminar: ‘Life after Brexit? – avoiding a life of disputes’

Panellists include: 

Anthony Baldwin – CEO UK, AIG

This Breakfast is the next step of the journey in the well-received series of Brexit Leadership roundtables hosted by Airmic with AIG.

Developing a relationship between the UK befitting that of a close partner with Europe will need mature reflection, distance and the constructive engagement of new players who can share priorities and move on from the past. Who are the lead actors in this drama and is this a realistic scenario? What are the practical challenges that businesses have navigated since the end of the transition period? What is the best hope for a constructive future? As we continue to face up to life after Brexit, and a life alongside Covid-19, what should the risk and insurance professionals community and the organisations they represent be considering?

Join a panel of political, insurance industry and Airmic member leaders to scan the horizon to help us all prepare for 2022 and beyond.


Clive Sherwood

Casualty Risk Consulting Leader, AIG

11:30am – 12:00pm: E6. Underwriting HUB | Psychological wellbeing and tools to reduce stress.


Dr Nicola Eccles – Head of Wellbeing, Wellspace

Clive Sherwood – Casualty Risk Consulting Leader – AIG

AIG have partnered with Wellspace to offer Casualty clients a digital wellbeing platform. This session explores the basis of psychological wellbeing, short and long term solutions and tools to reduce stress and anxiety. Crucially, the session covers what a ‘mental health crisis’ might look like and the evidence for digital health solutions in supporting organisations.


See Who's Attending from AIG

CEO, Client Engagement & Broker Engagement

Dan Drury

Client Executive

Ian Allan

Claims Account Relationship Manager

A&H and Trade Credit

Ian Gadsdon

Head of Group Personal Accident & Travel (London)

Grant Williams

Senior Underwriter – Strategic & Multinational, Trade Credit

Casualty & Risk Consulting

Keith Knight

London Casualty Manager

Clive Sherwood

Casualty Risk Consulting Leader

Communications & Talbot

Peta Kilian

Senior Strategy and Innovation Analyst, Talbot

Ian Peterson

Active Underwriter, Talbot

Financial Lines

Geraud Verhille

Head of Financial Lines, UK

Christopher Magee

Head of Commercial Institutions

Property & Multinational

Mitesh Patel

Head of Commercial Property UK

Emma Sadler

Major Accounts Manager

Pierrick Livet

Senior Multinational Client Executive