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AIG at Airmic 2016

Multinational Programme of the Future

Talking to our clients, brokers and our own multinational teams highlights thought provoking prospects for the multinational programme of the future. Take a look and then please take the survey to share your own views on what may, or may not, lie ahead!

Wearable Technologies

AIG have made an exciting strategic start-up investment to harness wearable technology with artificial intelligence and building information modelling.  This is going to help our clients turn data-driven insights into actionable results, reduce injuries and improve operational efficiency.  

Internet of Things

By 2020 up to 50 billion “things” will be digitally connected with fantastic possibilities for service, safety and efficiency. AIG is at the forefront of this, exploring and understanding the risks - so our clients can maximise the potential.

Poised to Take Off

Unmanned aircraft, or drones, are changing the way businesses are thinking about their operations and relationships with customers and we’re pioneering the use of them: to help manage risks and help assess claims faster, safer and more accurately.

Big Data – Client Safety

AIG’s Client Centric Analytics looks for patterns in business’s loss history to turn it into actionable intelligence. We use advanced analytics to pinpoint loss drivers, improve safety, and ultimately reduce the total cost of risk for businesses in multiple industrial sectors.

Cyber Security

As our world becomes more connected, cyber-attacks can mean reputational damage, injury, and property damage as well as lost data. We constantly monitor the cyber landscape so our clients have the knowledge, security, and consultative solutions to stay ahead of the cyber risk curve.


Strength and Capability

What makes us stand out is our relentless pursuit of safety, business continuity and innovation to reduce the cost of risk for our clients. Please explore this page to learn more about how we protect our clients today, how we’re investing in data and technology to better protect them tomorrow, how the skill of our claims teams can help your business stay in business and some new digital tools to help our brokers unlock and deliver this value to clients.

View our WHY AIG infographic