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  • The claims operation that underpins every AIG insurance policy is one of our greatest strengths.

Over than 40,000 kidnapping incidents every year.

Who is targeted?

The security situation in many countries can quickly deteriorate, putting both business operations and company executives and their dependents at risk. Employees of multinationals and high net worth individuals are attractive targets for financially motivated criminal and terrorist groups around the world. However, anyone can be a target regardless of their personal wealth, whether or not they live in a high risk area, stand out from the population or are a local national.

Why buy?

In the event that an incident does take place the organisations that have proven themselves able to cope most effectively are those with thorough, tried and tested response plans and procedures, and access to professional and experienced advisors. This can make the difference between a rapid, controlled recovery or, in extreme cases, a business failing to recover at all.

NYA International (NYA) is our specialist crisis prevention and response consultancy, with over twenty years’ experience of helping clients reduce their exposure to and manage incidents. In the event of a crisis they will respond immediately, providing advice to the client’s crisis management team in order to help them manage the incident to a successful conclusion.

Kidnap and Ransom Products and Services

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  • Corporate Extortion, Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

    For any company with employees either travelling to or based in overseas countries, or high profile organisations.

    High Net Worth Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

    Cover for wealthy or high profile individuals and families

    Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

    Provides cover for losses from kidnap or extortion including the ransom, cost of investigation, lost salary, negotiation, medical expenses and aftercare.

    Piracy Insurance

    Provides cover for kidnap or seizure of a ship’s crew or vessel.