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Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

Doing business in today’s world means going where the opportunities are.  Businesses send their people overseas for all sorts of reasons, like negotiating contracts, contract work or sourcing new product manufacturing suppliers.

That’s why it’s important to understand that there are other people who see your employees as a valuable commodity. In some places kidnapping is not a rare occurrence, it’s big business.

Each year there are about 15,000 kidnaps for ransom generating about half a billion dollars in income.  Kidnap for Ransom extends across Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East and into parts of India and Pakistan to Central and South East Asia.

The good news for business travellers is that like any industry, kidnapping for ransom has business fundamentals that can be analysed, understood and managed. Like the fact that it’s a trade with fairly high overheads, from surveillance of potential targets, holding victims safely and securely, guarding them and communicating with families and employers back home. With that level of investment it’s no surprise that kidnappers are usually very keen to negotiate a return and recover their costs.

AIG's long expertise and experience as a major provider of kidnap for ransom insurance means we understand behaviour and reactions of kidnappers and how these can largely be anticipated and guarded against. This insight and understanding lies at the heart of the protection we provide, against kidnapping for ransom, wrongful detention and in extortion scenarios.


Any company with employees either travelling to, or based in, overseas countries particularly Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. Cash rich or high profile companies operating in UK or overseas. Wealthy individuals and families with high profiles.

Features & Benefits

    • Policies for corporate employee protection or specifically for wealthy or high-profile families
    • Expert response and tactical guidance 
    • World-class crisis management specialists located in strategic hubs around the world
    • Pre-incident training to reduce the risks and security advice consultancy fees are commensurate to the premium amount 


    • Kidnap (seizure or detention for the purpose of demanding ransom monies)
    • Extortion (demands following a threat to injure, kill, or kidnap)
    • Cover includes the ransom or extortion payment, loss in-transit of any payment  and related expenses
    • Cover options include evacuation and repatriation, as well as death & dismemberment