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  • The claims operation that underpins every AIG insurance policy is one of our greatest strengths.

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We've seen a growing number of D&O claims across industries and jurisdictions; this trend is set to continue. The 60% increase in claims notification that we've experienced between 2007 and 2011 sets the tone.

More than just financial protection, our D&O clients benefit from access to the resources and expertise of one of the UK's most experienced financial lines claims teams, as well as the local knowledge and expertise of our global claims personnel.

Legal actions can be protracted and stressful, given that there’s a lot at stake: the threat of reputational damage, settlements, loss of personal assets, disqualification or even prison in extreme cases.

Against determined opponents, it’s important to have confidence in the strength of your own team. AIG companies have long been at the leading edge. We’ll have seen similar cases before. We know the steps to take and understand the legal background and processes.

Our claims response may mean preparing directors for what they might face during questioning, while meeting the high costs of quality legal representation throughout. Another approach may be to actually head off an investigation in advance by employing professional advisors to proactively report concerns about possible breaches to regulators.

If our clients are caught unawares by sudden regulatory actions like a dawn raid, our claims team knows the importance of immediate professional support. Even if there’s no time to contact us first they can access pre-approved emergency limits to pay for this advice.

Our clients know that, no matter what the type of claim is, our highly experienced D&O claims handlers will work closely with them and their selected defence teams to resolve the claim as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

US actions

U.S. securities actions are invariably complex; involving several parties and huge amounts as they can run on over years. Importantly, we handle US originating D&O cases locally, drawing on our expertise on both sides of the Atlantic.